Combat Zone

Sub Theta News

4712-07-03 Mars Insider: More fights registered in sector 117 BOTA read

4712-07-02 Alpha Aurora also quarantined read

4712-07-01 Mars Insider: New military activity on sector 117-Bota read

4712-06-29 *** Health Hazard Warning from REA *** read

4712-06-28 Generation ship trail detected read

4712-06-25 Glitch detected in Oracle's reasoning read

4712-06-23 Anomaly detected in Irivan sector read

4712-06-21 Darmax: Space station Red Dawn Quarantined read

4712-06-19 Evan Thorix beats land speed record - Accident during deceleration read

4712-06-17 Evan Thorix set to break the land-speed record read

4712-06-16 Rescue plans for exploration ship Whale of the Void read

4712-06-16 Mars: Sub refinery fire extinguished at last read

4712-06-14 Mars: Third explosion registered on sub-refineries read

4712-06-13 Mars: Rightful Earth Alliance stops offensive on sub-refineries read

4712-06-12 Lost communication with exploration ship Whale of the Void read

4712-06-12 Mars: Rightful Earth Alliance offensive continues read

4712-06-12 Miner's protest on Retinax subdues read

4712-06-12 Byzantiorat casts doubts over Star Coral's real purpose read

4712-06-12 Flight of the Deepest Fathom read

4712-06-11 Mars: Rightful Earth Alliance attacks Martian Liberation Front read

4712-06-11 New Republic inaugurates frontier space station read

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