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Mars Insider: More fights registered in sector 117 – BOTA

Mars Insider News: New military activity registered in sector 117 – BOTA. Between 2:00 and 4:00 am SMT satellites registered gun traces and small explosions in the sector. General Alvano of the Martian Liberation Front reported that their ground troops have come under attack by a Rogue Squadron, probably the group named “Red Taurus”, whose presence was recently registered in the adjacent sector.

Sector 117 – BOTA is of little strategic importance and constantly beaten by ferrous sand storms, making communications and satellite surveillance arduous. Two months ago, professor Thomas Dabiney announced that he had discovered a new Archology Vault in this sector, although this rumour was never confirmed and professor Dabiney was killed shortly after when his convoy crossed a minefield in sector 115-PRECO.

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