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General FAQ

Q: Why should I play Combat Action?

A: Combat Action it is freely downloadable, it allows you to use your existing models and you can use it with a setting of your choice or its own sci-fi universe, why not give it a try?

Q: Where is Combat Action set?

A: Combat Action was originally created for sci-fi miniatures. There is no reason why you shouldn't use it for a fantasy game skirmish. Although a fantasy mass combat version is in the works, it will take a while before it sees the light. In any case the rules are generic and include a point system, so you can use any model (and setting) you like. WWII and modern warfare are especially suitable settings.

Q: What has changed in v2.0 of the rules?

A: The second edition of the rules is a streamlined version of the first edition rules, which addresses the issues that have sprung during play. The process had already begun with v1.5, but the second edition has been fully revised with the intent of making it clerarer, more concise and simpler wherever possible. The main changes cover:

  • FS (Fighting Skill) has been dropped in favour of a new stat: Fighting Ability (FA). While FS started low and increased the better the model was at hitting, FA now represents the basic chance to score a hit, just like SS does for ranged shooting. It is just another way of looking at it, but FA allows more coherency in the rules and more standardized mechanics.
  • The vehicle and robot damage tables have been merged and substantially modified. The new system is simpler and requires less book-keeping.
  • The actions have been expanded and explained.
  • The movement rules have been clarified.
  • Close Combat has been modified to give the attacker a greater edge.
  • Pistols can now be used in CC.
  • A new ability for models has been added: Sharpshooter. This allows models equipped with sniping weapons to ignore targeting restrictions without the need of a specific order by an officer.
  • The point system remains mostly unchanged. Restrictions to statistics have been added to make game balance easier to maintain. Giving the model no range shooting capabilities now lowers the cost by only 3 points. The cost for vehicle and robot crews has been modified.
  • Other areas that have been touched up are: crash rules, sticky fields, area weapons, ammunition rules, cover, heroic saves, deployment, the damage system, officers, morale... and everything else really.

If you find any errors or have any comments please write to me!.

Q: What are the Combat Action Tools?

A: Combat Action Tools is a windows application written by yours truly to help you building armies without having to study the point system or use a calculator. Install it, donwload the army files and just compose your army!

Q: Do we sell miniatures for Combat Action?

A: No, we use miniatures from different manufacturers as well as many scratch built pieces in our games. I encourage you to do the same. If you build up new army lists and scenarios tell us!

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