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*** Health Hazard Warning from REA ***

Following the outbreak of "Fever 54-B" on space station Red Dawn on Darmax, the Rightful Earth Alliance has successfully tracked down and quarantined five of the vessels that had left the space station prior to the quarantine.

A sixth vessel: Borean refused to be quarantined and was destroyed before it could land on Sumerios II by the planetary defence frigate Remirez.

One vessel is still to be tracked, the Regian Sky. The vessel's last known destination is space station Natarius, but so far it has not been detected.

The Rightful Earth Alliance recommends to avoid all contact with the vessel and its crew.

An unconfirmed report of another case of "Fever 54-B" has also been filed from Alpha Aurora.

"Fever 54-B" was first contracted on the planet surface of Darmax and is highly contagious. So far it has caused the death of all but one patient.

The initial symptoms of "fever 54-B" include:
- rising temperature
- increased eye pressure
- mutation of salivary glands
- difficulty in concentrating

The acute symptoms include:
- blindness
- high temperatures
- acidic saliva
- acute claustrophobia
- irrational or violent behaviour

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