Combat Zone

Last updated 30/01/2007


Weapons List:

WEAPON PTS Class PenPropertiesDescription
Acid Spit 28 Pistol 0Acid, Sticky, Area of Effect 3cm RadiusYuck! Fizz! AGH!
Boom bomb 3 Grenade 3One Use, Area of Effect 3cm Radius
Claws 1.5 Close Combat 1
Claymore 2 Close Combat 2Large, long and heavy. Only a maniac with a kilt would wield it!
Cleareye Special 12 Sniping 2Needs ReloadingThis custom made sniper rifle can punch through a truck two miles away
Combat Knife 1 Close Combat 0
Combat Pistol 3 Pistol 1
Combat Rifle 6 Rifle 1Simple but effective rifle
Ebony staff 1.5 Close Combat 2Recharge 1 TurnThis staff crackles with magical energy... sometimes
Fire Bolt 18 Assault 0Flame, Area of Effect 3cm RadiusA fiery bolt of energy
Fire stare 6 Rifle 2Recharge 1 TurnSuper Guy's stare can incinerate more than young hearts!
Flame Thrower 18 Rifle 0Flame, Area of Effect 3cm Radius
Handbag 1 Close Combat 0
Megaton Cannon 36 Heavy 5Needs Reloading, Area of Effect 3cm RadiusWipe out your enemies with the Megaton Cannon(tm)!
Rippers 9 Heavy Close Combat 4Large, very sharp, unsavoury blades
Rock 3 Pistol 1
Stone fist 1.5 Close Combat 1As hard as a brick on the face!
Super fist 2 Close Combat 2Super Guy's fist is hard as steel
Talons 2 Close Combat 2Long and sharp as steel
Tin shooter 16 Rifle 2Automatic FireIt would be called a pea shooter if it shot peas.
Zappo blast 24 Heavy 3Recharge 1 Turn, Automatic FireZAP! BOOM!


ACCESSORY PTS Class PropertiesDescription
Bark 5 All PF 1
Cleareye cloaker 0 All Individual Armour, PF 4
Exo-Skeleton 0 Infantry Individual Armour, PF 5
Kevlar Vest 0 All Individual Armour, PF 4
Magic shawl 0 All Individual Armour, PF 5Woolly and bullet repellent!
Ring of defence 0 All Individual Armour, PF 4This arcane ring protects the bearer from harm
Stone skin 5 All PF 1Earth's creature skin is thick and tough


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