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Last updated 30/01/2007

The city planet of Burz supported a rich population for many generations. Centre of the trading highways in the galaxy, its inhabitants came from the four corners of the Free Republic of Burz. All that fortune changed when a strange inter dimensional portal opened right in the middle of its capital. Great and imposing buildings were swallowed by its writhing purple mass and no effort by the Free Army of Burz or the Free Scientists of Burz helped to contain the problem. In the end they could do nothing more than evacuate the planet and move to the nearby planet city of Yultz, colonizing it by force.

Out of the portal spewed all sorts of creatures and things, including many great treasures. Many have tried to lay their hands on them, but none succeeded. Over time Burz attracted a wild plethora of unlikely heroes and adventurers, come each to fulfil its destiny. You lead one such band of heroes, driven by desire to save Burz, by the lust for riches or emerged from the portal to seek revenge. The objective is not important, first you have to beat the opposition!


  • A game set on Burz should be played on a square battlefield, roughly 80x80cm.
  • The table should have plenty of scenery. They type is not important, Burz has many residential areas, luxurious gardens and industrial zones that are waiting to be wasted.
  • Each side of the table constitutes a deployment zone, which is 10cm deep. Players cannot deploy where the deployment zones overlap (i.e. the 10x10cm square on each corner of the play area).


  1. Decide whether each player is going to be allowed a team of two heroes (max 150 points) or three heroes (max 200 points). If there are more than two players you should use only two heroes per player.
  2. Each player rolls a die, the player who rolls the highest number chooses which side of the table to deploy on, then picks the first hero and places it on the table.
  3. The next player chooses another deployment zone, picks a hero and places it in the deployment zone.
  4. Repeat until all players have picked and deployed their heroes.
  5. When all players have completed their teams, roll for initiative and start play as normal.

Special rules:

  • The game is played using the small scale rules with each hero representing a separate unit.
  • Creatures always consider the first hit to be a Wound even if the roll indicates an OoA or Killed result.
  • Any undamaged robot ignores the first Disabled or Destroyed result. Convert it to the Locomotive System Malfunction.
  • Flyers cannot fly at High Altitude. Flyers can attack each other in CC even when flying at Low Altitude.
  • The battle is played until the units of all teams except one are incapacitated or dead. The remaining team is the winner.

Burz is absolutely open ended, so if you have any comments email them to me. If you create new heroes send them and I'll include them in the list!

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