Combat Zone

MARS - FARSIDE-34 OUTPOST - The Rightful Earth Alliance has detected Martian Liberation front activity in sector Farside-34. Preliminary scans have revealed a moderate concentration of mechanized armour and foot troops as well as military grade fortifications.
10/11/4712 8:00 - Preliminary high altitude bombardment with drone missiles has proven effective in disabling missile defences and command bunkers. The casualty ratio amongst ground troops is unconfirmed.
10/11/4712 14:00 - Protector detachment P103/A sent in to clean up the area before the arrival of the main REA forces. They are to be transported with air carriers and will operate with gunship support.

This scenario poses a small elite force of Rightful Earth Alliance Protectors against a defending force of Martian Liberation Front ground troops, entrenched in the ruins of a bombarded military outpost. The Protectors are to eliminate the MLF resistance in the area while the MLF are to repel the clean-up attack and wait for reinforcements.

The play area can be a small table (we playtested it on a 120x80cm table - this will make the battle short and bloody) or a larger one. It should only take a couple of hours to play.

Terrain: The center of the table is occupied by the shelled out command bunker, with barricades to its north (they count as trenches). An automated sentry turret lies near the south edge of the table. The turret on the hill to the east is a knocked out missile defence emplacement and is now useless. Alien plants are present on the east and west sides of the table. Craters litter the battlefield.


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